One-sided liberal braying. Like an ass.


From Get Real Philippines: Here’s why it’s hard to feel sorry for ‘unmasked’ anonymous bloggers…

Here’s why it’s hard to feel sorry for ‘unmasked’ anonymous bloggers…

Because yes, even blogging has risks.

As a friend once said, the best defense against curbs to freedom of speech is to have something worthwhile to say, and to say it well.


From Ben Kritz: The Failure of the Philippine Press

The Failure of the Philippine Press

Because yes, the failure of the press screwed up the Filipino people.


This is such a beautiful shot of a blocked shot…


Time took advantage of pro-Duterte supporters, not the other way around. Deal with it.

Time didn’t allow itself “to be used”.

The rabid pro-Duterte supporters, just like your typical Filipino, thought that making Duterte win in a poll – commissioned by a reputable FOREIGN publication, especially one antagonistic to the president – would validate that they chose “the right person”. So sino nagpauto? Who are the mindless zombies who voted na di nag-iisip?

“Influential” doesn’t necessarily mean in a good way; that Time 100 poll also did feature Hitler and Stalin – 2 of the history’s most bloodthirsty authoritarians – after all. What’s worse, who got to write the articles on the featured persons was beyond anyone’s control but Time’s.

There’s no other nice way to say it, pero na-Duterte ang mga ‘tards. Pro-Duterte people don’t need to convince anybody that they’re fine, when it’s terribly obvious that they’ve been embarrassed YET AGAIN.


The most sensible comment I’ve seen on what should be in a Trump presidency

“Liberals and conservatives are equally required for a healthy USA. I’m a Liberal, but I recognize that the bleeding heart can lead to unintended consequences. I also know that excessive Conservatism can lead to heartless treatment of the less fortunate and huge inequalities. When we work together and are not afraid of compromise and consensus, we get the truly wonderful country that has been a beacon to the rest of the world. I hope bipartisanship and cooperation guide us now.”

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