Time took advantage of pro-Duterte supporters, not the other way around. Deal with it.

Time didn’t allow itself “to be used”.

The rabid pro-Duterte supporters, just like your typical Filipino, thought that making Duterte win in a poll – commissioned by a reputable FOREIGN publication, especially one antagonistic to the president – would validate that they chose “the right person”. So sino nagpauto? Who are the mindless zombies who voted na di nag-iisip?

“Influential” doesn’t necessarily mean in a good way; that Time 100 poll also did feature Hitler and Stalin – 2 of the history’s most bloodthirsty authoritarians – after all. What’s worse, who got to write the articles on the featured persons was beyond anyone’s control but Time’s.

There’s no other nice way to say it, pero na-Duterte ang mga ‘tards. Pro-Duterte people don’t need to convince anybody that they’re fine, when it’s terribly obvious that they’ve been embarrassed YET AGAIN.

Overflowing septic tank releases undesirable smell at NAIA-1

Just when we thought the World’s Worst Airport could not get any worse…

Makes you wonder if the personnel at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) can be “excused” because of the recent typhoon Rammasun which came and hit Metro Manila hard. But the renovations have been going on for quite some time.

Where are the results?
Will they ever get done? If so, when?

Even if the septic tank didn’t overflow, NAIA would keep stinking anyway. Just ask most of the travelers who go through it to get in and out of the Philippines.