The funny way Pinoys regard complexity

Pinoys don’t like complexity. When problems aren’t solved quickly, or if certain things need more than just ordinary effort to be obtained or be understood, Pinoys will indeed give up somewhere halfway through the undertaking. If things require Pinoys to think differently from the way they are used to, they will complain about things being too hard or they will lose enthusiasm for it. Another way they show they don’t like complexity is that certain Filipinos would rather be told what to do and execute it, rather than learn processes themselves and understand the logic behind things.

Kumbaga, gusto nila iba mag-iisip, sila na lang gagawa. (They want others to think, they want to just execute.)

On the other hand, Pinoys have a tendency to make things more complex than they need to be. Like, for example, dealing with rule of the law. Eh kasi ganito, eh kasi ganyan. Ang dami pang palusot. (Whether it’s this reason or that, the excuses are endless.) They tend to look for any possible excuse to explain why they can’t do something, instead of looking for ways to stay within regulations, or solve issues by themselves.

It boils down to what can be readily observed as laziness. Intellectual, definitely, and in certain cases, physical as well. That the word tamad (lazy) runs deep in the Pinoy psyche says a lot about us as a people.


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