Being broken ties into many other quirks of Pinoys

The most particular of which are the need for attention, need for drama, and the victim mentality.


Filipinos have this constant need for attention because each one of them thinks he/she is more important than anyone else.

Filipinos have a need for drama because a stability does not get them attention, or rather, a stable life makes them stand out, which is the kind of attention they don’t want, the one they get because “hindi sila nakikisama”.

Filipinos like their victim mentality because it is a perfect opportunity to get attention and “assistance” from other people.

There are also two other quirky Filipino attitudes which relate to being broken: neglect, and escape from reality.

It is easier to neglect a problem than it is to solve it. Solving it – as in really sitting down to think and analyze the causes in detail – is too hard for the ADD (attention-deficit order) afflicted Filipinos. It is much easier to say “pwede-na-iyan” and “pwede-pa-iyan” rather than do the dirty work of fixing.

Escape from reality as a quirk should really come as no surprise. Filipinos want to be happy and blissfully ignorant all the time while chugging their “toma” which they bought from the sari-sari store at the Kanto Tinio (corner of General Tinio St.) It is easier to run away from problems and retreat to a place where everything is fine and dandy rather than confront them, and encounter an unhappy situation that brings Filipinos’ spirits down.

Yes, being broken part of the Filipino identity; it’s been that way for a long time.


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