Why elections in the Philippines will perpetually be about the ‘lesser evil’

The Japanese have a saying, the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. This is also not just applicable, but evident in our own setting as well.

It has long been asked, “Is there no presidential candidate that can represent the best of them rather than the least bad?”, but if we look at it from another angle, and one will find himself/herself asking, “Do the Filipinos want to be represented by the best of their own, rather than the least bad?”

The answer is, no, they don’t.

Filipinos don’t respond to competence because it is a perceived threat. Yet it is ironic that they put a lot of weight on credentials, yet fail to consider them when they count. Instead, they would look for things to feel threatened about like, “mayabang”, or “marunong mandaya”, or what have you.

They would rather go with someone who is either someone like them, or “non-threatening”, yet mediocre. One only has to look at Noynoy Aquino’s ascension to the Presidency to validate that.


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