Crab mentality is the Filipinos’ defense against innovation!

crab mentalityThe crab mentality that Filipinos like to throw around (and misuse) manifests itself worst in the rare times when a Filipino does have a never-before seen or done idea. His/her fellow Filipinos complain about how “walang pakikisama” that person is. They label him/her “ambisyoso“, and insist that his/her idea is not going to work, ah basta! They make him/her feel bad about how they perceived that he/she makes them look bad. They make him/her utterly self-conscious about how “mapapahiya siya” if it fails. They will spread vile, and most likely untrue, rumors about him/her. They will use all their connections to make sure that the funding and support needed for that someone’s idea get shot down before they even start. All because of some silly notion of equality enshrined in that “pakikisama” bullshit, what appears to be envy “inggit“, and some perceived sense of “napahiya ako“.

Of course, this is different from analyzing and criticizing an idea based on its merits. Unfortunately, because Filipinos take criticism personally, and are unappreciative of critical analysis, crab mentality and criticism are often confused for each other here.

I’ve harbored a thought for a long time that the type of equality/equity that Filipinos want/espouse is not equal opportunity, or equal prosperity, nor is it equal betterment for the community at large. It is, in actuality, equal misery.


11 thoughts on “Crab mentality is the Filipinos’ defense against innovation!

  1. Wow! Wait a minute. Crab mentality was never been described and pinpointed out to Filipinos. We are not like that. That maybe you were ignoring that it really pertains to you. Maybe you have forgotten the Popular Television show The Boondocks also references Crab mentality in relation to Black American culture. Now the Egyptians as well as the Syrians at this present time. Filipinos are Hospitable that is why you marry our women to take care of you when you grow old so you wont end up to an Old Shelter all by yourself.
    My men my men, look around you. Sure you have not seen how people live in their place. You have not seen the reality of the World War-3 whose other people were suffering right now. And time they will envy our place and our people how great to live with us. You are all welcome in our country as long you respect yourself, if not, we wont. You respect us then we’ll do the same.
    We only were suffering for Poverty in our country and we strive hard enough to surpass and try to live with prosperity, hoping for such an opportunity that our family and our nation wont struggle enough but rather live in comfort and luxury.

  2. Very nice article.

    Most Filipinos are anxious about what others might say, feel or think about them if they do something very unique and adventurous.
    I was and have been criticised and being dragged down even by relatives, buteven so I do what I think is best.

  3. though I agree with punk zappa, its excellently short! Direct to the point. Btw the first comment from ramel, was damn unrelated to your essay. He is typical intellectualy-bankrupt desperado who is an “may maisabi lang”.

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