Lack of restraint with money transcends financial standing in the Philippines

I can agree that the smart rich people are those that show restraint. There are many among those became rich who, as we say in the vernacular, “nagkapera lang akala mo kung sino na.

Unfortunately, restraint is not something Filipinos are generally known for; this statement holds regardless of your financial standing in Filipino society. The rich can’t stop themselves from asserting what they have that others don’t. The poor can’t stop themselves from asking for dole-outs and acting like the world owes them because they are “victims.”

Having said that, in Filipino society, it seems rather implicit that being rich is a sin or a burden and that the rich have “obligations” to share their wealth with the poor, or to be more sensitive to their plight. Why don’t we challenge this way of thinking, and propagate that the poor have a lot more to learn from the rich than the other way around? Instead of the poor being offended and feeling envious or “victimized” by the rich, why don’t they learn instead how they can become rich as well?


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