A list of pieces of advice for graduates

So you’ve finally finished one stage in your life as a student. Congratulations! Feels pretty great, doesn’t it? That’s it. Pat yourself on the back once. Lose yourself in the graduation parties that you will be attending. Hold your diploma and head up high for everyone in the audience to see.

No doubt your advisers and moderators in school have told you this: in you, the youth, lies the hope of the nation. Hope in what exactly? Well, with youth comes enthusiasm. You guys are, supposedly, filled with new ideas, and you have this urge in you to explore the world and change it. Don’t just blindly conform to the system; change it!

You guys must be surely riding on a high, now that you’re thinking you’ve got one more feather in your cap. Let me break it to you as gently as I can: it’s not over. Don’t get carried away. A new, more challenging, stage of your life awaits you. Whether it is for high school, university, or most especially professional life, we’ve got some advice here that, we hope, will ultimately help you cope with tough times ahead.

1. Be prepared for culture shock
2. Accept the fact that there will always be someone better than you
3. Brush up on your English
4. As early as possible, have a long-term plan
5. Learn to work within a team; do not grandstand
6. Don’t stop at telling people what can’t be done; give them options on what can be
7. Never lose your idealism, yet always be pragmatic
8. Toughen up to criticism, and develop discipline
9. Choose your battles wisely
10. Always learn from your mistakes
11. Always be nice, civil, humble, and respectful to everyone you meet.
12. Never take credit for something you did not contribute to
13. Do not become a gossiper – “tsismoso”
14. Do not become a sycophant – “sipsip”
15. Ditch the “everything is about winning” mindset
16. Take your destiny into your own hands
17. Build up a deep and utter hatred…for wrongdoing
18. Protect your name, at all costs
19. Learn to stand for what is right, instead of what is popular
20. Do not ever, ever, run on Filipino time


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