Noynoy Aquino the lemon president

lemonautomobileFirst off,  Filipinos knew they were buying a lemon in him, yet they proceeded to doing it anyway.  We can’t say that the car was raw, untested, or was not taken out for a test drive; he had a considerable stint (length of time) in the senate and congress and he came up with nothing.  In short, the car produced unremarkable results and failed to differentiate itself from the rest of the other “models” out there.

Why would you bother struggling with an old car that’s obviously become a money pit when you can instead buy a new one?  Is it because it has…sentimental value?  That’s exactly how many Filipinos think.  They don’t bother to weigh the financial pros and cons of purchasing and choose based on the glitter of the paint.  They think with their heart and not with their head.

If your car is not doing everything you intend it to do when you do it, you should fix it.  If it stinks inside you wash the upholstery.  That is akin to what critics do; they’re the mechanics who suggest to the owner what needs fixing.  Of course, it’s up to the car owners whether they want to heed the advice or not.  And Filipinos are awfully bad drivers and caretakers.

Anybody who’s been in the service knows that the army demands results over excuses.  Which do you think Noynoy Aquino is better at producing?  You’re expecting him to back you up in a foxhole?  He’s going to run away.  He’s going to get up from that foxhole, and get shot in the back while doing so.  Like he’s been trying to run from the Presidency ever since.


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